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  • Developer: WickedWhims
  • Genre: Mod
  • Version: 2021
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Windows PC, macOS, Linux


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Download Wicked Whims Adult Mod for Sims 4

Tiegan Morris

Wicked Whims is a role-playing application that has the player explore the world as a young adult. Software is a mod from Sims 4 to make game more adult. Besides the adult content, there are other features to download Wicked Whims such as ability to change the gender and age of characters, ability to have a family or a relationship. Software  is a popular third party mod for Sims 4 that lets players do as they please with Sims. This mod aspires to offer as many new interactions as possible with goal of providing more diverse and immersive gameplay. Product Wicked Whims download for Windows gives players some control over Sims’ lives and offers what is arguably one of most extensive lists of new actions and features ever seen in a Sims 4 mod.


Interface for install Wicked Whims is a list of different categories. Frst category is “Selena’s Story.” Selena’s story is a quest that player has to complete in order to explore world of Sims. Another category is “All Stories.” Player can find all quests from Selena’s story in this list. Third category is “Lots.” Lots are where player can have a different type of building. The other categories are: “Sims”, “Relationships.” Sims category has player choose a character and their traits before they start game. Player can change gender and age of character before they start game. Relationship category allows player to see who is looking for a relationship and choose to start one. Application Wicked Whims install has a very user-friendly interface. It is easy to navigate and use. All of different options are separated into different tabs. Tabs are labeled by function, which makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition to that, it has a search bar that you can use to search for specific reactions, interactions, or whims. Design is very modern and sleek. It is easy to tell which tab is selected because color of tab is same as background color.


I found Wicked Whims installer app to be very easy to use. Interface is very simple and easy to navigate. Only difficulty I found was when I was trying to download mod. I had to go through a very long process to download it and I had to download a program. App is easy to use. It is laid out in a list that is easy to follow. Player can easily find what they are looking for interface is user-friendly. Product mod is very easy to use. A player may decide whether they want to play game normally or with added features of WW mod. Player can decide if they want to enable all possible features of mod, or just some of them. All one has to do is click on button at top of screen that says "WickedWhims" and then button that says "Wicked Whims" to open mod's interface.


Software get Wicked Whims has many different features to it. Player can play as a male, female, or other and can change age and gender of character. Player can have a family and relationships. There are different buildings and quests to do. Product Wicked Whims Mod is a mod for game Sims 4 that adds a variety of new interactions to game. Mod includes a new world that is based on world of Disney's "Snow White and Seven Dwarves" new world based on world of Disney's "Frozen". In addition, mod includes new custom interactions for children, teens, and elders.


Application Wicked Whims Mac has a clear and simple interface with a sidebar containing a list of available interactions and a long list of objects with a short description of what they do. Support for application is great. If you have any problems with mod, you can go to forums on their website. Creators of mod are very active on forums and they are always willing to help with any problems. They are very active in forums and will respond to any questions or concerns. Sims 4 is a very popular game with many players. Players who are interested in Wicked Whims mod should be aware that creators of mod are very supportive. They are very responsive to any questions players might have, and they are always looking for new ways to improve mod.


  • I downloaded it and nothing happened, and I did everything you said. What did I do wrong?
    First, make sure you meet all requirements. If you meet all requirements and you still have problems, you should try deleting mod and reinstalling it.
  • Is WickedWhims just a bunch of pictures?
    No, WickedWhims is a script that is being turned into a mod.
  • Can you just upload script to Gallery?
    No, that would be stealing.


Software product Wicked Whims free is a mod that adds new gameplay mechanic Sims 4, player can now have a threesome with two members of opposite sex or same sex. It is very easy to use, instructions are clear and there is a help section with a list of all items and interactions available. It adds a new gameplay mechanic to Sims 4.


  • This mod has a lot of kinks to explore with your partner;
  • It’s nice to know that there are mods with this kind of content;
  • It’s nice to explore different kinks with your partner.


  • This is a content heavy mod, so it is not for everyone;
  • Kinks may not be what you’re expecting.

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